Data & AI Platform

Data Architecture and Artificial Intelligence built for Pharma Commercial and Medical Teams

The Foundation: Commercial & Medical Data Lake

The data architecture optimised for Pharma Commercial and Medical use cases

The Engine: Predictive Models

Ensembles of ML/AI (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) Models, orchestrated with a single goal: Optimise customer engagement

Predicting HCP engagement

Automated data cleaning

Content labelling

Predicting sales

AI customer view

Content generation

The deployment: personalizing Content / Channel / Cadence

Content Generation

OctoPi algorithms generate personalized, engaging and relevant content.

The OctoPi engine captures and then deploys marketing priorities, adjusts it to personalized preferences of each customer, considers regulatory compliance, and then delivers the right content for each interaction.

Optimising Channel and Cadence

Each potential customer interaction is evaluated by accurate and finely calibrated AI algorithms.

The predictions are then combined with business constraints, resulting with a ROI-optimising omnichannel action plan for the sales force.

This is done for each year, sales cycle, month, day, and even each minute.

The building blocks

  • AI-Enabled Data Processing

  • Content labelling

  • Automated model training