Cantab PI Life Science Solutions for Pharma Sales and Marketing

Optimising omnichannel marketing spend and enabling digital targeting

Optimising Omnichannel Marketing Mix

Machine-learning tools to optimise omni-channel marketing mix in European markets in the COVID-19 environment
  • Developed for big pharma clients dissatisfied with current solutions, with the sales team exporting data from platforms into Excel for analytics

  • Based on bespoke ML/AI technology which exploits deep correlations between sales actions, actual sales and overall HCP / KOL engagement
  • Proven rapid payback on investment due to measurable increase of sales

  • Methodology tailored to data structure in each of the major European markets

Increasing Physician Digital Engagement

Tools to increase engagement by data-driven microtargeting of HCPs/KOLs through digital channels
  • Leveraging best-in-class algorithms for HCP/KOL digital targetting tailored for European markets

  • Superior performance in the market enabled by unique, highly accurate matching of rich external (in particular social media such as Twitter) and internal data
  • Proven to at least double digital engagement in the COVID-19 environment, by e.g. deploying it to personalize emails to KOLs/HCPs

Use cases

  • Marketing mix optimization and targeting in pharma

    Additional quarterly sales growth in a pilot project, on top of 11.2% base rate growth (i.e. in territories not applying Cantab PI model and tools)

    Additional quartely sales growth:


  • Personalization of digital targeting of HCPs

    We support a leading pharma company in optimising and personalizing omni-channel messaging, with focus on digital channels.

    Click-rate increase on emails:


  • Automation of data flow and reporting

    Our data solution was successuflly deployed by a leading pharma company, automating critical sales & reporting for decision makers in multiple markets in less than two weeks from kick-off.

    Reduction of time to access reports:


  • Optimisation of pre-launch communication strategy with Key Opinion Leaders

    We supported a biotech company in optimizing pre-launch marketing strategy and communication approach by advanced analytics.

    First year income higher than budget: