Medical Large Language Intelligent Scientific Adviser

Generative AI powering OctoPi

Why Melissa?


Melissa is built from the first principles to be 100% accurate. It never invents facts, and it never hallucinates.

For every statement or fact, there is a precise source.


Melissa is always responding exactly to the query, and can be further personalized to match customer preferences.

Melissa is particularly trained on the most relevant topics for pharma, such as clinical guidelines, efficacy and safety of medicines, and mechanisms of their action.

Scientific approach

Melissa’s responses are always backed up by scientific sources.

Melissa is able to assess reliability of scientific facts, e.g. by considering reputation of the scientific journal or the sample size of the clinical trial, and tailors responses accordingly.


Melissa’s responses are always fully compliant with the most stringent regulations and the best practices in life sciences.

For example, it understands well which indications are approved for certain medicines in which markets, and responds accordingly.

How does it work?

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