Rapid and measurable delivery of business value from data

We help companies transform business operations
and make better decisions by optimal use of data

Empowering your excellence by data

While working with some of the leading global corporations on three continents, we are enabling advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities at scale, and are consistently delivering business value beyond our client’s expectations.

We were founded in 2017 as a Data Science consulting company, combining two passions of our founders: delivering substantial, lasting improvements in performance of businesses; and deep, but pragmatic data analytics.

Today our two teams are scaling our unique, market-leading solutions for optimizing marketing and sales in Life Sciences by Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, and for automating and rapid deployment of Artificial Intelligence for multiple use cases in retail banking.

Cantab PI Life Sciences

Optimising omnichannel marketing mix and enabling digital targeting
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Cantab PI Retail banking

Automating machine learning on omni-channel behavioural data
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Rapid prototyping of smart data solutions in corporate environments
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Our principles

High Return of Investment

Performance and added business value is at the centre of all we do.

We achieve impact by combining our deep data analytics skills with the domain expertise. We guarantee added business value, which then grows exponentially in time.

Rapid deployment

We unleash the real power of analytics, by rapidly embedding our insights into the operating model of an organization.

We rapidly achieve it as no system integration is needed: our solutions and automated Machine Learning as a Service dovetail with the existing systems, reimaging the business of the future.

Highly predictive algorithms

We believe the real power of data analytics is to combine the data expertise with the human judgement, by integrating these insights.

Our approach is to first capture and encode the human knowledge, and then vastly enhance it by best-in-class advanced analytics and machine learning.

Beautifully delivered insights

We deliver information by absorbing complexity, and then providing clarity in beautifully designed visualizations.

By bridging boundaries of different fields, we integrate design, applied statistics, and deep domain knowledge, empowering you to excel.