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For Commercial and Medical Teams in Life Sciences.
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OctoPi: Maximising engagement of every customer interaction

Highly engaging for Sales Reps and Health Care Professionals

  • For each interaction, OctoPi recommends and delivers:
    • Optimised talking points and insights,
    • Personalised, dynamically changing content,
    • Links to additional external data sources.

Unmatched agility and flexibility

Even the most complex sales and marketing team requests and use cases can be rapidly deployed.

For example, the use case in the illustration can be live within 2 hours from receiving the request.

Guaranteed impact to sales and engagement

OctoPi boosts customer engagement, with visible results within 1-2 weeks from launch.

OctoPi boosts sales growth: in multiple A/B tests, sales teams using OctoPi were at least 30% more effective, as in this example.

Why OctoPi?

The best in class Data & Artificial Intelligence for Pharma Commercial Teams

Extensive Data Sources

OctoPi includes a single customer view with over 10,000 meaningful data points for each Health Care Professional.

Scientific, social media, clinicial trials, and professional events data are provided by us.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

OctoPi predictive models are built to personalize and optimise customer engagement.

OctoPi includes best in class, bespoke content capture and content generation capabilites built exclusively for pharma commercial teams.

OctoPi Modules

  • Next Best Action

    Optimising impact of every Sales rep interaction

  • Budget optimiser

    How to optimally deploy the sales budget?

  • Dynamical targeting

    What is the optimal call plan?

  • Field Force Sizing

    What is the optimal size and setup of the sales force?

  • Social Media Listening

    What is the most engaging and relevant marketing content?